Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Blog, You Say?

This is nothing fancy, or anything I intend to update that often. It will be completely personal; updates on what I've been doing, thoughts that float around my head, rants, etc. I just wanted a place to put things where I felt the need for more than 140 characters. Perhaps family and friends would like to know things in more detail, rather than random snippets from the Internet's micro-blogging status updates. I dunno? Sometimes, I just have a thing I need to say. I'm ok if you don't feel the need to read anything I write. I'm easy going like that.

Mostly, I want a place to share the times I do cool stuff, especially travelling or whatnot, with a depth I can't achieve on Facebook or Twitter. Such as my upcoming trip to Melbourne for Mother's Day Weekend. I have some cool stuff planned, and it'd be nice to talk about it all with photos in one neat page. So, there's that.

Plus, I was ranting at myself in my head about things (I have Opinions sometimes!), and I figured it'd be more useful to rant at the Internet than at myself. I already know what I think. Maybe you will find what I think interesting? You may not. But I like the Internet, because I can put my Opinions out there, you can agree, disagree, or completely ignore them. And that's totally okay. I'd prefer if you'd ignore it, personally, unless you can disagree in an interesting way. If you're going to swear at me, think twice about it, and then perhaps just shut up, move on, and pretend I don't exist. Cool?

Oh, there may also be totally boring stuff, like video game/book/movie reviews or whatnot. I said I had Opinions, dammit! But seriously ignore that if you don't care. Especially if you don't want to read a lot about Bioware RPGs. I really like them and the chance they will be mentioned is pretty high.

There might be posts about food and crafts. I enjoy both these things and I like sharing when make cool and/or tasty stuff. I also like reading about other people's food and craft adventures a lot, so I figure someone might enjoy me talking about mine, too.

Basically, this is the place where I am going to empty out my brain. It gets full sometimes, and I need to dump all these random thoughts somewhere. Welcome to here.

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