Friday, July 1, 2011

My Day So Far

Today has been kind of an exciting, crazy day! Well, for me, anyway. YOU might have excitement and adventure every day, but I prefer a quieter life.


So I woke up just before noon after going to bed around 6am. I had trouble sleeping last night AND I woke up not much later. Awesome. But yeah, I was checking email and Twitter from my iPad and somehow I had missed that Ben and Jerry's was giving away as many pints of ice cream as you could carry for a gold coin donation to OzHarvest. Heck yeah! Cheap (GOOD) ice cream! For charity! And the event started just as I read the tweet at noon. TIME TO GET OUT OF BED.

I needed to get a blood test done while fasting, so I got that out of the way first. One of the tests required me to wait 15 minutes before they could take my blood! I was the only one there and there was absolutely no queue and I had to wait! I was impatient for ice cream, dammit. The guy totally gave me a Look when I said I was fasting at noon. Some people wake up late, okay? Shut up. Just for that, when I finally got to give blood, I didn't tell him that finding my veins is extremely challenging, but usually the left arm is okay. Okay, that's not much revenge, and in the end, it means he pokes me more. I was tired and not thinking this through. But 4 to 5 pokes under the skin trying to find a vein is kind of par for the course for me. My veins are ninjas.

So, I grabbed some coffee and a tiny (tiny) $1.50 muffin and zoomed off into the city. On the train, a guy sat next to me and softly played ukelele. That was pretty great, actually! Plus, on the platform at Central, I saw a girl with a gorgeous white rat in a cage.

So, um, yeah, I think when I saw the queue outside Central my jaw dropped. It was from the street corner of Pitt and Lee all the way around the sidewalk to where you enter the station. If you know what the Railway Square side of Central looks like, you know that this is MASSIVE. I called Chris and told him I hoped to see him before tomorrow and lined up. The queue actually moved very quickly, considering, and it took about 45 min to get through. UNFORTUNATELY, I was behind these two massively offensive, smoking bogans. The worst was when one guy started swearing at the kids in front of him holding a place in the queue for their mother and younger siblings, calling them queue jumpers and stuff. That family probably was donating more than you, you skeezy jerk (I heard his response to the gold coin donation requirement saying he had some silver lying around), and they aren't going to carry off much more ice cream than one pretty big bloke. DOING AUSTRALIA PROUD, MATE. Ug.

I had a couple $2 coins, so I gave them $4 and managed to carry away 6 pints of ice cream. You weren't allowed to put it straight in a bag, and if you piled it too high and one fell off, they'd take it back. But that's just so everyone gets a fair share, and it's for charity! (Also, the couple behind me got a talking to for giving 50 cents for two adults, which I also think is totally fair when Ben and Jerry's is doing this for absolutely no profit and a good cause.) I figured I could manage the six without looking like a dope, and that's still an amazing deal for $4. I just stopped a little bit away and put it in the reusable grocery bag I'd brought. You couldn't pick flavours. It was whatever they pulled out of the truck and chucked onto the table. I ended up with Triple Caramel Chunk, which is perfectly fine by me. ICE CREAM SUCCESS.

Using my poor, abused left arm (which I wasn't supposed to carry stuff with - oops), I hauled my goodies back home. On the way, I saw a guy dressed in a gorgeous, colourful traditional set of Chinese garb. I LOVE YOU, SYDNEY. NEVER CHANGE.

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