Saturday, June 7, 2014

Zero Tolerance

I accidentally deleted my last blog post, but it's not important. Either you believe me or you don't even though everything is still becoming clearer and making more sense the more I examine our 'friendship' and learn how these sorts of people operate.

But even more difficult isn't that I was treated so cruelly or that he continues to attempt to intimidate and silence me... it's how difficult it has been to face up to the fact that people I respect and call friends have either refused to believe me or stayed silent in the name of 'neutrality' (and his friends even actively support his behaviour and lies), and all of the above is in his favour. Yes, thinking you know someone who is a friend, that they could never act that way, that it's a misunderstanding or the accuser is overreacting in some way, believing his justifications and lies... they hurt more than even the manipulative abuse. I am now zero tolerance of any remote presence of his in my life, even if that means losing people I would really rather not, because I will not accept anything that makes me feel unsafe or will give him any power over me, and that includes unintentional lines of communication. Once everything is settled, he no longer exists as far as I am concerned.

But I'm not burning bridges. If you see things that bother you, behaviours you'd like to overlook but can't quite, stuff you can't put your finger on but it feels off, anything at all from him or anyone else that makes you question their honesty, intentions or whatever... I'm always here to chat. I will always believe you even if no one else does. I will never question your intuition or sanity or accept justifications for poor behaviour. I promise I will always listen, because I have been there and I would never put someone else through what I have been through. Even if you are a stranger on the internet, I will believe you. You are never alone.

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